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Sopley Primary School

Sopley Primary School


On this page you will find updates about Hedgehogs’ Class, weekly events, home learning and other key information. 

Hedgehogs' Team

Our class team is made up of Mrs Kearley, Mrs Johannesen, Mrs Bull, Miss Wall and Mrs Rixon. We work together to plan, teach, encourage and nurture the children to develop a love of learning. Mrs Kearley loves being able to teach so many different subjects as she has never been able to make up her mind which one she likes the most.  As a result, her favourite approach is to creatively combine contrasting parts of the curriculum in a colourful, and often slightly crazy, way. Mrs Johannesen is passionate about English, Science and Modern Foreign Languages. She teaches the class on Friday mornings giving them the opportunity to explore and develop their Science and French skills. Mrs Bull is our language, literature and history expert. She is like a walking encyclopaedia and can spell almost any word even if it's French! Miss Wall loves teaching maths and grammar and helping the children with their imaginative writing. Mrs Rixon supports the children at lunch times and with their reading, writing and topic work and is excellent at playing board games.


Spring Term Learning

This term much of our learning has focused on the Human Body. We have explored this in depth in Science, where the children have learnt about the skeleton, muscles, organs, eating and digestion. This learning journey culminated in the children together creating a working digestive system. First the food was crushed up in the mouth then it travelled down the oesophagus into the stomach. Here it mixed with the stomach acid (vinegar) to create a disgusting mixture resembling sick. On then through the small intestine, where most of the liquid was removed through tiny holes, and finally a 'poo' was made! 



Speedy tables and Ultimate Challenge Times table tests are held on Thursdays.  This is also the day when DoJos are awarded for reading at home (in individual Reading Records) and other Home Learning.

P.E. lessons are usually on Wednesdays and Fridays, however, as a result of the weather and school events these do sometimes change so please ensure your child’s full P.E. kit is in school every day. This should include: trainers, socks, red t-shirt, navy or black shorts, tracksuit bottoms and top. Please name all items clearly.

Water bottles – keeping well-hydrated is essential and this is much easier if your child has their own named water bottle in class.