Mrs Fiona Adams – Interim Executive Headteacher of Sopley & Burley Schools

Mrs Elizabeth Knowles – Head of Sopley School – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Miss Andrea Hodgson – Head of  Sopley School – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Mrs Claire Bleakley – Foundation Stage – The Rabbits – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Mrs Elizabeth Knowles – Foundation Stage – The Rabbits – Tuesday

Miss Abigail Pilkington – The Owls

Mrs Tanya Kearley – Class 2 – The Hedgehogs

Mrs Claire Smailes – Class 3 – The Badgers

Mrs Helen Smith – SENCo


Learning Support Team

Mrs Lesley Lillis

Mrs Fiona Bull (ELSA)

Mrs Eve Malt

Mrs Angie Barrie

Miss Alison Westall

Mrs Jude Davies

Mrs Fiona Thomas

Mrs Cheryl Singleton

Miss Krista Geraty


Office Staff

Mrs Liz Holroyd

Mrs Emma Pink

Mrs Clare Roche


School Kitchen

Mrs Adele Jackson

Miss Katie Whitcher


Caretaker for Sopley and Burley Schools

Mr Pete Lillis