School Council

Play TrailSopley Primary School Council is a group of pupils who are elected by their peers to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.  The School Council meets, once every half term, to discuss and sort out problems. These may include school lunches, behaviour or ideas for fundraising events.

Members of the School Council will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as: what to spend fund raising money on; improving Reward Time across the school or planning new playground activities.

Being a school councillor is a really responsible job and as Sopley School Council is a very effective one it does mean that every school councillor learns a lot from taking part.

“Our School”

We want our school to be the kind of school that everyone enjoys coming to. It should be like a big family, where everyone knows and understands each other. We want it to be a cheerful place, where we look after people.

We want it to be a safe place where children can be trusted to be sensible, because everyone follows the class charters and the rules for a ‘Happy School’. We want everyone to be honest, have good manners and to treat people and possessions with respect.

We want to be proud of our work and try our best every day, so we do well with our learning. We will keep going when things are challenging and listen carefully to each other. We want to find out interesting and useful things about the world.

If everyone can do this we will remember the great time we had at Sopley, with our friends, for the rest of our lives.

Written by Sopley School Council, using ideas from all of the children.