Home Learning

At Sopley we find that children who do school based work at home make better progress at school.  It is with this rationale that we focus our home learning tasks.

By setting home learning we aim to encourage a strong and positive partnership between home and school; to enable parents to support classroom work and to ensure that children make the best possible progress.

Home learning throughout the school is focused on the development of literacy and numeracy skills.  Other areas support general topic based work and are set at the teachers own discretion.  Any home learning should be easy enough for children to complete without substantial parental support and should not be too time consuming.  The amount of home learning set will increase as children move up through the school so that they are ready for transfer to secondary school.

Parents can help by giving children plenty of encouragement and praise for their efforts – but not by doing the work for them!  They can also help by providing a good routine and suitable working space that will encourage focussed working.  Above all, home learning should be enjoyable.

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