We follow a broad, rich curriculum that excites and motivates the children so that they want to learn. Our curriculum provides many first hand experiences through visits and visitors and is rich in practical activities and creative opportunities. We take children – even our youngest ones – out on visits at least once every term, to places such as Brownsea Island, Swanage Railway or Bournemouth Oceanarium. We give pupils choice and develop independence. We often link subjects together e.g. children will learn to write reports about historical subjects in English or measure and calculate in Science lessons. This all makes learning interesting, fun and enjoyable at Sopley School.


Being able to read is incredibly important so we give it a very high priority. To get children off to a good start we use ‘Letters and Sounds’ , ‘Jolly Phonics’ and ‘Phonics Play’. Our results for reading are always good. If we feel a child is falling behind with their reading we do all we can to help them catch up.

We have a well-stocked library and a well organised and effective reading scheme for the Infants – children enjoy a range of books including the ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ and ‘All Aboard’ books for early readers. Children are expected to read at home and in other subjects. Most parents enjoy reading with their children and many join county libraries to widen the choice of books for their children. The more a child reads, the better! 


Children are taught to write for a purpose from an early age, often about their learning in other subjects or in response to fiction. We encourage them to take pride in this written work and promote neat, well-presented work.







Counting and mental agility with numbers is developed from an early age. Children are encouraged to become confident with numbers before we move on to more difficult concepts. Children usually work in smaller ability groups for Mathematics.


We have invested heavily in IT equipment and children have access to laptops, tablets and computers on a regular basis. All classes have interactive whiteboards which are used in most lessons.

For a high level overview of Sopley Primary School’s curriculum, please click on the following links. If you have questions about the curriculum or need more information please contact the school office and they will direct you to the relevant member of staff.

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